TCPA Violations by Utility Companies

The TCPA and Utility Companies

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was established in 1991 to prevent consumers from being subjected to harassment via automated telemarketing calls. Companies that use automated telephone dialing systems (ATDS) and prerecorded calls without receiving prior written consent from those being contacted can be subject to penalties, which include having to pay the person involved as much as $500 to $1,500 per call received.

TCPA Lawsuits Against Utility Companies

Despite the FCC ruling regarding exemptions, utility companies have become the latest target for consumer TCPA lawsuits. The Penn Record reports a recent case filed in September 2017 against Houston utility provider National Gas & Electric LLC. The lawsuit represents claimants in the Pennsylvania district who were targeted by the company for automated telemarketing calls, despite being on the ‘do not call’ list and having no previous business with the utility provider. These types of calls often occur due to the very nature of automated dialing systems in that no one is ensuring that they are reaching the correct party when the calls go out.  This includes not checking if the number called has been reassigned to new cell phone users. Despite the fact that the former owner of the number may have been a customer of the utility company, the company itself is still responsible for updating their call lists.

Have You Been Receiving Unwanted Calls?

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