Off the Clock Work

In May of this past year Dollar Tree paid $300,000 to more than 4,200 former and current employees. The suit claims that Dollar Tree failed to compensate the employees for routine “off the clock” work. This practice was widespread throughout all of the Dollar Tree stores. The employees were forced to perform work tasks during their lunch breaks and after their shift had ended around 30-45 minutes per day. This abuse of workers is widespread and happens far more than most people imagine. The majority of these abuses occur in low wage markets especially with workers who are paid the minimum wage and who often do not know all the rights they have as an employee or laborer.

Employee Mistreatment

A study of workers showed that nearly a quarter of workers came in early or stayed late after their shift for the previous week going beyond their normal 40 hour work week. What is even worse is that of those that participated in the study an astonishing 70 percent of the workers did not receive compensation for the work they performed outside of the normal 40 hour work week. Either through pressure to not report the work or through a lack of knowledge of workplace regulation and labor rules.

Additionally, an astounding 91 percent of American workers do work related tasks during their personal time. 37 percent of that work on their personal time work approximately 10 or more hours that are supposed to be their personal time. American workers also work more than our counterparts across the pond in the U.K. and Australia. Around half of U.S. workers say they devote some time to work while they are on vacation.

These statistics are even more upsetting when you consider that if given that time back 63 percent of Americans wish they spent more time with their families while 43 percent said they would use that time to exercise. This overworking aspect of Americans likely is attributed to the culture and nature of Americans tendency to associate highly with the work they do. Our high pressure society often leads workers to feel they cannot say no to their employees.

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