Notable Class Actions of 2015

Year after year class actions against corporations and companies make headlines for the settlements and monetary payments awarded. These cases involve a large class that has been harmed in some way. This year is no different. Already a variety of class actions suits had started and some even settled.

Oregon’s Labor Union Suit

A libertarian think tank known as the Freedom Foundation announced in August that they are filing a class action lawsuit against the Service Employers International Union Local 503 (SEIU). This Union is the largest worker’s union in Oregon. The case focuses on two arguments: (1) The State and SEIU cannot take union dues from or force membership for homecare workers who do not consent to union membership, and (2) SEIU’s exclusivity as the only bargaining agent for home care workers is illegal. The case revolves around the 1st Amendment Right Of Free Association.

This case is reminiscent of several other suits around the country that focus on the ability of the right to work and attempting to redefine the power of Unions in today’s age. This Oregon case may set a variety of precedent in the slew of worker’s right cases set to come up over the next few years.


In a recent settlement Bank Of America agreed to settle in what is the largest settlement over the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Totaling $32 Million it will settle six different suits arising out of the TCPA. The matter arose out of allegations that BOA violated the TCPA by making automated phone calls to consumers’ cellphones with concerning credit card collections and residential mortgage issues. This is all a violation of the TCPA.

Recently there has been a push to give the TCPA more teeth in protecting the rights of consumer and ensuring consumers are not as threatened via cell phones and text messages. Typically a consumer must consent to automated phone calls to their cell phone.

Banks and Manipulation of Foreign Currencies

This past May five major banks plead to criminal charges of foreign currency manipulation. They agreed to pay more than 5.5 billion dollars. Additionally there have been several private settlements arising out of the criminal misconduct. One concerning Citi involved a 394 million dollar settlement.

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