Ensuring You Get What You Deserve When It Comes To Overtime

People deserve to be paid for the amount they work. When your employer does not pay you for overtime it can be frustrating and you can find yourself in a difficult situation. If you are not exempt from overtime payments then if you work over forty hours in a week you are entitled to paid time and a half for whatever amount is over those forty hours. So, if you are paid fourteen dollars an hour and work for fifty hours that week you are entitled to two hundred and ten dollars on top of your normal pay. This standard is governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA. Not all companies must pay overtime, and not everyone is entitled to receive overtime. If a company has $500,000 or more in annual sales it is likely covered by the FLSA

Positions that are exempt from Overtime

A variety of positions do not receive overtime: executives, administrative, and professional employees paid on a salary basis; independent contractors; volunteers;

outside salespeople (employees who customarily and regularly work away from the employer’s business, selling or taking orders to sell goods and services); certain computer specialists (such as systems analysts, programmers, and software engineers) who earn at least $27.63 per hour; employees of seasonal amusement or recreational businesses, such as ski resorts or county fairs; employees of organized camps, or religious or nonprofit educational conference centers that operate for fewer than seven months a year; employees of certain small newspapers; newspaper deliverers; workers engaged in fishing operations; seamen; employees who work on small farms; certain switchboard operators; criminal investigators; and casual domestic babysitters and people who provide companionship to those who are unable to care for themselves (this exception does not apply to those who provide nursing care, or to personal and home care aides who perform a variety of domestic services). If your job does not fall into one of these categories you are likely entitled to overtime.

If you are entitled to overtime and your employer has not compensated you they are likely in violation of the FLSA, and possibly state statutes as well. It is important to have a conversation with your employer and ask for what you are owed. This can be a difficult conversation to have but you are entitled to that money for working overtime.

If however they do not pay you what you should be earning you should seek legal redress. It can be scary to sue your employer but the offices of Keogh Law can help. We protect your rights and fight for the best outcome for our clients. If you feel that you have had overtime pay withheld from you call us at (866)726-1092 or contact us online today!

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