Call Center “Wage Theft War”

Recently, there has been an unfortunate uptick in the number of wage theft lawsuits against call center companies.   

All employers are required to pay their employees for time actually worked, including overtime if the employer requires it and time for preparation by employees to do their jobs such as logging into computers systems or putting on and taking off (also called “donning and doffing”) of uniforms or safety equipment if necessary to do the job.

Call Center Log On and Off Time

Call center, sometimes called “contact center”, employees are generally required to log into proprietary computer systems through VPNs or secure websites and connect to phone systems to initiate their work shift.

This can be a quick process, or it may take several minutes, perhaps as much as ten minutes.  To be forced to perform an activity that takes ten minutes at the start and end of each shift and each break can add up to a lot of time that goes uncompensated if such log in and off activities are not considered part of the employee’s worktime.

Additionally, if a call center employee is working eight hours a day, the extra time spent logging in and off of computer systems could possibly be overtime which should not only be paid on an hourly rate, but at overtime rates.

Fair Labor Standards Act

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to pay employees for time actually worked.  Generally, if an employee must perform an activity in the course of his employment (such as putting on a uniform or setting up a computer) that is not for the individual’s personal benefit, then the time should be compensated as work time.

The Department of Labor calls time in which an employee is “engaged to wait” (such as a fireman waiting for a fire alarm) is work time even though the worker is not actually performing a key duty of the job.  The waiting itself is a necessary part of the job and therefore must be compensated.

Call center employees who are required to engage in activities that are a mandatory part of their jobs are likely due compensation for their time.

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